Definition of medallic in English:



See medal

‘The Sloane model seems to be intimately connected with a rare medal of Doria, which has been described as ‘perhaps the most beautiful’ of all his medallic portraits.’
  • ‘A member of our own Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment received medallic recognition of his acts of bravery in saving members of his own platoon.’
  • ‘The Thomason Medallic Bible is a set of sixty medals struck in 1830 that captures the essence of the entire Holy Bible in medallic art.’
  • ‘The directory will include sculptors, collectors, scholars, manufacturers, and all members in general, featuring content on medallic art.’
  • ‘As a United States Mint medallic sculptor, he will create and submit coinage and medal designs, and work models, hubs and dies.’



/məˈdalik/ /məˈdælɪk/