Definition of medevac in English:


(also medivac)

Pronunciation /ˈmedəˌvak/ /ˈmɛdəˌvæk/

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North American
  • The evacuation of military or other casualties to the hospital in a helicopter or airplane.

    ‘we radioed Pleiku and asked for medevac’
    • ‘three big medevac choppers’
    • ‘Other military roles include medevac and search-and-rescue operations.’
    • ‘Military commanders had worried the crowd would rush medevac helicopters.’
    • ‘A unit of American marines on patrol saw the disabled vehicle and called in a medevac helicopter, which evacuated the officer and his soldiers.’
    • ‘He talked to everybody while waiting for medevac helicopters.’
    • ‘Some in critical condition can be flown in by medevac helicopters.’
    • ‘Five men were injured and were lifted by medevac helicopter to another base in Iraq.’
    • ‘The WA Government paid for Nathan's medivac flight to Melbourne, post-natal care in Perth and his parents' accommodation.’
    • ‘Mills' point was that we should remember the health of people elsewhere in the province before closing the island airport and rerouting medevac flights.’
    • ‘I've turned down countless missions (including medevac missions) because of poor weather.’
    • ‘There have been occasions when walkers had to be taken out by medivac.’
    • ‘Only one method of quick medivac to Brisbane or Sydney is by turbine or jet aircraft.’
    • ‘He then contacted command and control, and requested close air support and medevac.’
    • ‘And just as we rolled up, the medevac helicopter was arriving; we saw them carrying away three soldiers on three stretchers.’
    • ‘This spring, he arrived at a school in Ohio in a medevac helicopter, wearing his flight suit.’
    • ‘This aircraft is pressurized, with all the bells and whistles of a modern medivac unit.’
    • ‘At least four times a week, the U.S. Air Force operates a medevac flight from the base.’
    • ‘Paramedics had to be called to provide a medevac for the student, who has asked not to be identified for this story.’
    • ‘Since the airstrip was built in 1974, the Air Force has been responsible for all medivacs from the island.’
    • ‘Before the 2000 epidemic wore itself out, there were six medevacs, although no one died.’
    • ‘Cameron believes the airstrip road would increase public safety by making medivacs easier in the winter.’

transitive verbmedevacs, medevacking, medevacked

[with object]North American
  • Transport (someone) to the hospital in a helicopter or airplane.

    ‘the helicopter pilot who medevacked me the day I got shot’
    • ‘Fellow soldiers applied tourniquets to stop Covington from bleeding to death and medivacked him to the nearest hospital.’
    • ‘Finally, I was medevacked to Kaiser, and my chart was translated from Thai.’
    • ‘Their convoy was hit by a suicide car bomber and three friends were medevacked with severe burns.’
    • ‘We've got plans in place to medivac people out, but safety here can be a matter of life and death.’
    • ‘Hobart made an emergency dash to Macquarie Island in 1979 to medivac a sick scientist.’
    • ‘Although we did not know how critical the CSO's condition was, we looked into several options to medevac him that night.’
    • ‘Once the decision was made to medevac the young sailor, the ship immediately began closing to within SOP range to land.’
    • ‘Build bases, rescue civilians and hostages, medevac your troops while detaining theirs to earn both information and money to continue the mission of repelling the waves of terrorism.’
    • ‘When the Commander's twin Otter left an hour later it also medevacked Sgt.’
    • ‘Others channel their feelings into sudden acts of compassion, as when some bend the rules in order to medivac out a wounded 12-year-old Iraqi boy.’
    • ‘But 20 soldiers were hurt more seriously, and C - 17s had to medevac out six who suffered spinal, leg and other injuries.’


1960s blend of medical and evacuation.