Definition of medfly in English:


nounplural noun medflies

mainly North American
another term for Mediterranean fruit fly
‘The Mediterranean fruit fly, commonly called the medfly, is one of the world's most destructive agricultural pests.’
  • ‘The medfly and the melon fly both arrived in the late 1800s; the oriental fruit fly came in 1945; and the Malaysian fruit fly is the newcomer, first being found in Hawaii in 1983.’
  • ‘A young wasp grows inside the medfly, eventually killing it.’
  • ‘It was a medfly, a threat to a billion-dollar fruit industry.’
  • ‘After apparently being eradicated by 1930, the medfly was spotted again in 1956 in Miami.’



/ˈmedˌflī/ /ˈmɛdˌflaɪ/