Definition of media-shy in English:



  • Reluctant to be filmed, photographed, or interviewed by the media.

    ‘the airport appearance served to dispel notions that he is a media-shy recluse’
    • ‘The media-shy gospel singer threw a sweet seventeen birthday bash in style at a nightclub in Central Jakarta.’
    • ‘He's probably got some charisma, but he comes across as being deeply uninteresting and oddly media-shy.’
    • ‘Next month the joint managing directors of the notoriously media-shy company plan to show financial journalists round the store.’
    • ‘Their presentation is not so much media-shy as canny.’
    • ‘He was, however, sometimes criticized as being media-shy and for failing to involve himself in the city's civic life.’
    • ‘He is one of Africa's most media-shy leaders, never giving interviews and very rarely addressing the press.’
    • ‘The media-shy couple were fiercely tight-lipped about their year-long romance.’
    • ‘She remains notoriously media-shy, just recently telling a school reporter she doesn't grant interviews.’
    • ‘Known to be media-shy and secretive, he is seen as a supremely savvy businessman.’
    • ‘The German chancellor is media-shy and intensely private.’
    reserved, introvert, introverted, self-contained, reticent, discreet, uncommunicative, non-communicative, media-shy, unforthcoming, secretive, retiring, ungregarious, unsocial, unsociable, withdrawn, solitary, insular, reclusive, hermit-like, hermitic



/ˈmēdēəSHī/ /ˈmidiəʃaɪ/