Definition of media star in English:

media star


  • A person celebrated in the media for their actions, achievements, or appearance.

    ‘as he morphed from earnest nerd to media star, the polls turned against him’
    • ‘Since then, Mackenzie has become a media star.’
    • ‘Karajan embodied classical music as a brilliant conductor, opera producer, festival director, and a huge media star.’
    • ‘She is something of a media star and not shy of an eye-catching challenge.’
    • ‘He was a media star as much as a politician.’
    • ‘As both a producer and director, he fostered the careers of many media stars.’
    • ‘Jackson sang and danced his way to become one of the most famous media stars on the planet.’
    • ‘Although a born communicator with a quiet but decisive air, Holmes was an unlikely media star.’
    • ‘She became a media star in London while still a teenager.’
    • ‘Marulanda met the president and became something of a media star.’
    • ‘Over 900 scientists, media stars and politicians gathered to wine and dine and congratulate the winners of the prizes.’
    • ‘These would-be media stars will do anything to get some TV or newspaper coverage.’