Definition of mediant in English:



  • The third note of the diatonic scale of any key.

    ‘In an interrupted cadence, the lower mediant is substituted for what would have been the new tonic.’
    • ‘Further along it requires the reader to understand the cycle of fifths and key relationships such as the mediant.’
    • ‘In the first movement of Sonata 7 in B major the six-bar transition section moves through the tonic minor, the lowered mediant, and the minor dominant before leading to the second theme area in the dominant major.’
    • ‘The true augmented sixth and the true cadence gain in significance as a contradiction to the false cadencing around the mediant.’



/ˈmēdēənt/ /ˈmidiənt/


Mid 18th century from French médiante, from Italian mediante ‘coming between’, present participle of obsolete mediare ‘come between’, from late Latin mediare ‘be in the middle of’.