Definition of mediately in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmēdēətlē/


See mediate

‘In Alcock, Lord Oliver distinguished the case of the witness from that where ‘the injured plaintiff was involved, either mediately or immediately, as a participant’ in the traumatic event.’
  • ‘Aristotle says words express thoughts and thoughts represent things; so clearly words refer mediately to things by way of our mental conceptions: we talk about things in the way we know them.’
  • ‘The sceptical possibilities, and the threats they pose to our knowledge, depend upon our knowing things (if we do) mediately, through or by way of something else.’
  • ‘But a person cannot come directly to the life and experience, he must come mediately through the mind.’
  • ‘We see the site of the sea near the castle mediately, through two taxi windows, and never get to see it in any detail.’