Definition of medical appointment in English:

medical appointment


  • An appointment with a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional.

    ‘within minutes she had him booked for a same-day medical appointment’
    • ‘The only things on my calendar are a few medical appointments.’
    • ‘The lump went away so I cancelled my medical appointment.’
    • ‘Because of a medical appointment this morning, Duncan won't be at the studios today.’
    • ‘She had a further medical appointment on 22 October.’
    • ‘She calls on friendly neighbours to help her to medical appointments.’
    • ‘Over a year on, and she is still attending a never-ending round of medical appointments.’
    • ‘She was reluctant to have her son admitted to hospital and often missed medical appointments.’
    • ‘At your next medical appointment, you can ask your health care provider if he/she knows of any research studies that you would be eligible to participate in.’
    • ‘The last time he had attended a medical appointment for his eyes was in March 1996.’
    • ‘A service which drives elderly people to medical appointments is looking for fresh volunteers.’
    • ‘I want to remind readers that they can and will save their own lives by making and keeping medical appointments.’
    • ‘Patients with anxiety disorders are more likely than other patients to make frequent medical appointments.’