Definition of medical care in English:

medical care


mass noun
  • The provision of what is necessary for a person's health and well-being by a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional.

    ‘thanks to better medical care, more babies are surviving’
    • ‘Prisoners receive free medical care.’
    • ‘In this age of expensive medical care, many people wonder whether financial compensation for organ donation would be too expensive.’
    • ‘They lack even basic medical care.’
    • ‘The company's 120 workers mainly get medical care from local providers.’
    • ‘The company has become a model for medical care around the world.’
    • ‘Call your child's doctor or seek emergency medical care if your new baby shows any of these possible signs of infection.’
    • ‘He claims he did not receive proper medical care.’
    • ‘Development efforts have focused on immunization, birth control, and basic medical care.’
    • ‘She began to realize how fortunate the people of her own country are to have access to quality medical care.’
    • ‘Everyone is entitled to good medical care.’
    • ‘Three of the families had members in need of immediate medical care.’
    • ‘The new law would allow medical care providers to report errors without the risk of the information being used against them in lawsuits.’
    • ‘We're getting older and medical care costs are rising faster than the economy can grow.’