Definition of medical certificate in English:

medical certificate


  • A certificate from a doctor confirming the state of someone's health.

    • ‘They must have a medical certificate from their doctor permitting them to take part.’
    • ‘The Department of Health says it has no way of estimating how many medical certificates issued by doctors are for people with pollution-related illnesses.’
    • ‘A medical certificate confirming vaccination is now required before visas will be issued.’
    • ‘It took him six months to persuade his doctor to sign the medical certificate allowing him to do the tandem parachute jump.’
    • ‘To prepare for the pilgrimage, they also had to obtain visas, passports and medical certificates, and attend haj training courses.’
    • ‘‘I am accusing him of faking an injury, faking pain to get a medical certificate from a doctor,’ he said.’
    • ‘The eligibility requirement is also based on a medical certificate from the attending doctor for the ill family member.’
    • ‘Absence, unsupported by an adequate medical certificate, will not be accepted as an excuse.’
    • ‘They must also submit to a police check, provide a medical certificate and have held a normal driving licence for a year.’
    • ‘I'm off to visit the doctor in about half an hour to get a medical certificate for work since I'm supposed to be working.’
    • ‘When an obese diver with a valid medical certificate has difficulties under water, do you blame their doctor?’
    • ‘She provided the company with appropriate medical certificates and asked for a contract of employment.’
    • ‘Forgery of medical certificates has occurred for some time now, he said, however a new trend is forgery of training certificates.’
    • ‘GPs have recently compiled a list of bizarre reasons for requesting medical certificates.’
    • ‘Older jumpers are asked to get a medical certificate first, he admits.’
    • ‘The case was adjourned for her to attend with a medical certificate but she still failed to appear.’
    • ‘The employer, however, will have to pay for the medical certificate.’
    • ‘I rang around to find a doctor in Melbourne who was qualified to issue the requisite medical certificate for diving.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, another judge accepted a medical certificate given to my fellow worker from the same doctor.’
    • ‘The hearing was postponed twice as the Greek athletes provided medical certificates claiming they were too unwell to attend.’