Definition of medical insurance in English:

medical insurance


mass noun
  • Insurance taken out to cover the cost of medical care.

    ‘even though he had medical insurance, he was still left with a lot of bills after his back injury’
    • ‘About 62 percent of American workers get medical insurance coverage from their employers.’
    • ‘Most people obtained medical insurance privately through their employer.’
    • ‘Some medical insurance providers do not provide reimbursement for telemedicine expenses.’
    • ‘There are many millions of people without medical insurance.’
    • ‘He was an early advocate of medical insurance schemes.’
    • ‘If you don't have private medical insurance, you'll need to seek out Medicare.’
    • ‘Buy medical insurance for your children too.’
    • ‘Certain procedures are no longer covered by public medical insurance.’
    • ‘I have medical insurance from my job, so I'm very lucky.’
    • ‘Kumar had no medical insurance and no one to help her.’
    • ‘A portion of the procedure was covered by medical insurance.’
    • ‘Luckily I have medical insurance which covers me for some dental care including a consultation.’
    • ‘As with any trip, you need to get adequate medical insurance before travelling.’
    • ‘Only about 12% of the population has comprehensive medical insurance that covers the cost of being admitted to hospital.’