Definition of medical marijuana in English:

medical marijuana


(also medical cannabis)
  • Marijuana as recommended by a doctor in the treatment of a medical condition.

    ‘the state law passed by voters in 1996 allows the use of medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation’
    • ‘a medical marijuana clinic’
    • ‘Massachusetts voters approved a ballot measure allowing for medical marijuana.’
    • ‘Colorado did have a licensed system for growing medical marijuana.’
    • ‘Many cities have struggled with medical marijuana ordinances, but none has had a bigger problem than Los Angeles.’
    • ‘Research showed that laxer restrictions on medical marijuana in Colorado led to increased rates of accidental ingestions among children visiting a Denver emergency room.’
    • ‘Georgia might be the next state to legalize medical marijuana.’
    • ‘Voters decided to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.’
    • ‘California would take steps to regulate the sale of medical marijuana under a bill approved Monday by the state Senate.’
    • ‘He has had a medical marijuana prescription for more than a decade.’
    • ‘For years, medical marijuana was solely purchased at specific dispensaries.’
    • ‘He uses medical marijuana as a sleep aid.’