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  • 1In a way that relates to the science or practice of medicine.

    ‘medically trained staff’
    • ‘the victim was medically examined’
    • ‘In almost all cases, patients leaving a hospital need to go straight to a nursing home for further medically necessary care.’
    • ‘The procedure must be carried out in a medically appropriate fashion.’
    • ‘Those who are not medically insured are particularly apprehensive of the frequently high expense of medical treatment.’
    • ‘To be medically effective, drugs have to be delivered in the right dose.’
    • ‘During last year's preliminary hearings, he failed to appear at two court sittings because he was allegedly medically unfit to attend.’
    • ‘A group of doctors launched a legal challenge to the ban, arguing that it outlaws them from performing a medically necessary operation.’
    • ‘Some 65 percent of adult Americans are overweight, and nearly a third are medically obese.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief, only a tiny proportion of medically negligent acts have resulted in litigation.’
    • ‘The technology can be used to trick a plant's molecular machinery into making a range of medically useful compounds.’
    • ‘Is she medically qualified to make such a statement?’
    1. 1.1In a way that relates to medicine as distinguished from surgery, psychiatry, etc.
      ‘patients may be treated medically or surgically’
      • ‘We received a lot of requests from patients about what they could do medically to treat their skin.’
      • ‘Desperately ill with withdrawal symptoms, she is not medically treated but is straitjacketed and thrown alone into a padded cell.’
      • ‘He's possessed by such a strangling, medically induced paranoia that he's convinced of the belief that even his own ideas have been stolen.’
      • ‘You can apply the same thought to medically assisted suicide and polygamy in light of the way our culture recently felt about alcohol use and women in the workforce.’
      • ‘An exception would be if the addiction was originally the result of administration of medically prescribed drugs.’
      • ‘Medically, basil has been used as a sedative, an expectorant, and a laxative, but it is not used much in herbal preparations today.’
      • ‘When hearing loss cannot be corrected medically or surgically, the patient is forced to wear a hearing aid.’
      • ‘If you're induced (when labor's brought on medically), hormones are administered as a drip or a pessary inserted in your vagina to stimulate contractions.’
      • ‘Patients who go through medically assisted withdrawal, but do not receive further treatment, perform about the same in terms of drug use as those never treated.’
      • ‘Cardiomyopathy can be treated medically.’



/ˈmedək(ə)lē/ /ˈmɛdək(ə)li/