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  • 1A substance used for medical treatment, especially a medicine or drug.

    ‘certain medications can cause dizziness’
    • ‘he'd been taking medication for depression’
    • ‘Different medications treating these diseases have been used in clinical trials.’
    • ‘The physician in charge provided a pharmacy for making up the medications prescribed.’
    • ‘Nurse practitioners are able to prescribe medications as part of their practice.’
    • ‘Although she also abuses prescribed medications, her drug of choice is alcohol.’
    • ‘He was not able to take any prescription medications with him on such short notice.’
    • ‘It is good practice to ensure that any partner of the patient is aware of the effects of prescribed medications.’
    • ‘They took no medications and had no febrile disease in the month before the study.’
    • ‘The side effects of medications have to be weighed against the risks of the illness.’
    • ‘It can take decades to detect important and unanticipated side effects of medications reliably.’
    • ‘They can be useful for people who experience side-effects with other medications.’
    • ‘Drug companies are also working hard on developing new medications to treat obesity.’
    • ‘Some people say they need the stimulant medications and some people say they don't.’
    • ‘So we're starting to see the down side of long-term use of these toxic medications.’
    • ‘Herbal remedies are used alone or in conjunction with prescribed medications.’
    • ‘So you may be able to decrease the dosages of your medications or stop taking some of them.’
    • ‘It is important to understand it in context and avoid premature use of medications.’
    • ‘We also collected data on over the counter medications purchased and visits made to private practitioners.’
    • ‘Many new mothers remain reluctant to take such medications while nursing.’
    • ‘Personally, I agree with continued restrictions on the use of certain drugs and medications.’
    • ‘We have a whole list of medications that we can offer people right now in the clinic.’
    medicine, drug, medication, remedy, cure, dose, treatment, preparation, mixture
    1. 1.1Treatment using drugs.
      ‘chronic gastrointestinal symptoms which may require prolonged medication’
      • ‘We talk round and round the question of whether to have more drug medication before surgery.’
      • ‘It is true that older people have a range of health problems requiring medication.’
      • ‘Jeffrey was described as having a mental age of eight and needed constant care and medication.’
      therapy, surgery, medical attention, medical care, care, ministrations, nursing



/ˌmedəˈkāSH(ə)n/ /ˌmɛdəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/