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medicine cabinet

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(also medicine chest)
  • A box containing medicines and first-aid items, especially one attached to a bathroom wall.

    ‘Despite its name, the bathroom medicine chest is no place to keep medicines.’
    • ‘That's why the bathroom medicine cabinet may not be the best place to store your medications.’
    • ‘It said not to store this drug in the bathroom medicine chest.’
    • ‘It's raising all sorts of questions about the safety of what's in your medicine cabinet.’
    • ‘Mr Bernadi noticed my pitiful attempts at breathing and grabbed an inhaler from the medicine cabinet.’
    • ‘I keep it in my first-aid kit and medicine chest; it is harmless and could help in many stressful situations.’
    • ‘Repeating the verse to herself, she opened the medicine cabinet and took out a first-aid kit.’
    • ‘In this very useful guide, she offers a number of suggestions for stocking your holistic medicine cabinet.’
    • ‘There are, however, many excellent herbal and other natural preparations that should be in your medicine chest.’
    • ‘Then she went through the medicine cabinet and found some bandages, gauze, and medical tape.’
    • ‘After rummaging through the medicine cabinet, she produced some prescribed medication.’
    • ‘She opened the medicine cabinet and began rummaging through the accumulation of pill bottles.’
    • ‘He nodded dumbly as he walked over to the medicine cabinet and took out the pill bottles stored there.’
    • ‘Taking a roll of gauze from the medicine cabinet, Cordelia wrapped both hands and taped it in place.’
    • ‘A medicine chest brought with him is on display.’
    • ‘She reached up to the mirror and pulled open the medicine chest.’
    • ‘I groggily got out of bed and groped my way to the medicine chest.’
    • ‘Some months ago I decided to clear out the medicine chest.’
    • ‘In the bathroom the contents of the medicine chest were in the sink and a lump of the sink porcelain lay on the floor.’
    • ‘I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a pair of scissors for protection, and then scoped out the hallway.’


medicine cabinet

/ˈmedəsən ˈkab(ə)nət/ /ˈmɛdəsən ˈkæb(ə)nət/