Definition of medicine man in English:

medicine man

Pronunciation /ˈmedəsən ˌman/ /ˈmɛdəsən ˌmæn/

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  • (especially among some North American Indian peoples) a person believed to have magical powers of healing; a shaman.

    ‘The Rastaman is the ancient medicine man, using his power to heal the world.’
    • ‘A counselor and a Navajo medicine man conduct the sessions.’
    • ‘They sometimes supplement Western-style medical care with home remedies or treatment derived from old beliefs in the curing power of the word of the shaman, or medicine man.’
    • ‘The Indians, for example, offer a medicine man.’
    • ‘I used to help the old medicine man of my village, and when he died two years ago, I was the best qualified to take over.’
    • ‘While I could not see any such thing, I was later told by a medicine man that this was an important ritual, and that the woman had delivered a stillborn child some time later.’
    • ‘The medicine man looked up from his reverie and stood.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Ed tries to convince Joel to treat his ailing uncle Anku, a medicine man uninterested in the services of a western doctor.’
    • ‘A woman, who looked older than the medicine man gawked at me.’
    • ‘Calligraphy and gold seals confirm the medicine man's standing.’
    • ‘He has been called a medicine man, but that title is misleading.’
    • ‘Accompanied by prayers led by the chief of the group, the medicine man, a sacred pipe is passed round which all participants smoke by turns.’
    • ‘It's the story of a young man looking at the special garment that his grandfather, the medicine man, was wearing.’
    • ‘A medicine man blessed the first rice harvested, and each ricing pair donated rice to a communal fund to feed the poor.’
    • ‘Minor, easily recognizable diseases are treated by a medicine man, an expert in herbal remedies.’
    • ‘In Canberra I had a chance to talk to Paul, an Aboriginal medicine man.’
    • ‘They reappeared next to Marton's bed to the astonishment of the medicine man.’
    • ‘Legend has it that long ago a medicine man's granddaughter fell ill with a mysterious affliction.’
    • ‘The medicine man was always asking me why I worked with runes and other belief systems.’
    • ‘The song had been forgotten by all but a few tribal members until a medicine man taught it to George.’
    wizard, witch, sorcerer, warlock, magician, necromancer, spellbinder, magus, conjuror