Definition of meep in English:


Pronunciation /mēp/ /mip/


  • A short, high-pitched sound, especially as emitted by an animal or a vehicle's horn.

    ‘the kitten released a terrified meep’
    • ‘‘Meep, meep,’ said Keating, giving a good imitation of the Road Runner cartoon character’
    • ‘I dropped his arm and let out - what can only be classified as - a meep.’
    • ‘Then I heard a muffled sound, perhaps a groan, perhaps a growl, or perhaps both of them, with a bit of a meep added for good measure.’
    • ‘The largest of the chicks tossed the weak and pathetic intruder out of the nest instinctively and it fell with a feeble "meep!"’
    • ‘The lion interrupts me with a sound that is probably best described as a "meep."’
    • ‘As tends to happen in moments such as these, my throat dried up and all I could manage was a quiet 'meep'.’
    • ‘One last meep, and they were both gone.’
    • ‘The evildoer always gets punished in the end, usually after a "meep, meep" from his intended victim just before the boulder rolls back the other way and flattens him.’
    • ‘Haley sprang back into her room, cursing the shrill meep that burst from her lips’
    audible warning, purr, purring, ring, ringing, note, tone, beep, bleep, meep, warble, signal, alarm, alert


1920s imitative.