Definition of meeple in English:


nounplural noun meeple, plural noun meeples

  • A small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games, having a stylized human form.

    ‘each player is given eight wooden meeples’
    • ‘you can't move a meeple over a bridge unless a meeple is on the bridge’
    • ‘at least two big meeple were stuck in that city for almost the entire game’
    • ‘You can place a tile, and then a meeple, so that you get in on his hard earned points just at the last second.’
    • ‘While you can't place a meeple onto a city (or road) already claimed by another player, you can place a tile that links two claimed areas together.’
    • ‘You don't get your lounging meeple back until the end of the game, when you get 3 points for every completed city connected by grassland to him.’
    • ‘Other player's meeples can't be placed in grassland connected to your farmer's, but their meeple's grasslands can be connected with yours.’
    • ‘There are cities, roads, fields, and other tiles, and you score by placing your "meeple" on them.’
    • ‘As for the pieces, the cards look exactly as they do in with the board game, as do the tokens, meeple and money.’
    • ‘At the table, each player receives a small dry erase board and a marker, plus two meeple: one large and one small.’
    • ‘It has a fun mechanism where you pick up a group of meeples and drop off one on each tile you pass over and the last tile is triggered with the color you dropped there.’
    • ‘Whenever an area is completed, any meeples on that road, city, or cloister are returned to their owners and points are distributed accordingly.’
    • ‘When that area is complete, the player with the most meeples there gets the points.’



/ˈmēp(ə)l/ /ˈmip(ə)l/


Early 21st century apparently a blend of my and a phonetic respelling of people and first used with reference to the board game Carcassonne.