Definition of meetup in English:



mainly US
  • An informal meeting or gathering.

    ‘Later this week I will finalize the plans for the DC meetup.’
    • ‘There is a lot of turnover, even with well established meetups.’
    • ‘Originally, the plan was to get money out of the venues where the various meetups occurred.’
    • ‘I gave an online acquaintance a ride to a meetup in a town three hours away.’
    • ‘In other news, I went to a blogger meetup last night.’
    • ‘I must admit that I was slightly shocked at some of the choices of venues for the London meetup.’
    • ‘You could do some recruiting at existing meetups with memberships that might be open to your ideas.’
    • ‘Wednesday night was the blogger meetup - quieter than usual, in more ways than one.’
    • ‘I have two meetups that I want to go to.’
    • ‘My sister arrived on Friday (see drive-in pic below) and there was a meetup at my house last Saturday for about 13 people.’
    • ‘Hopefully I can make it to some other meetup someday.’
    • ‘You know there are so many bloggers here we may as well do a blog meetup all of our own!’
    • ‘And, thankfully, someone took some sweet and charming photos of the awkward meetup.’
    • ‘He then married a traditional campaign organization with internet/real world tools like blogs and meetups.’
    • ‘Hopefully some pictures of my dreads will surface here as a result of the Lawrence meetup in a few weeks, in case anyone is curious.’
    • ‘This is why voters came out to meetups by the thousands to support a campaign that encouraged them to rally on the local level.’
    • ‘You are welcome to attend the meetup on Sunday.’
    • ‘Bend over backwards to host meetups in your stores.’
    • ‘The Dean campaign has allowed participants to set their own agenda for the meetups, thus creating the feeling among volunteers that their participation really matters.’
    • ‘Another good place to hold some kind of meetup would be Zeitgeist, which has a wonderful beer garden with lots of picnic tables out back.’



/ˈmēdəp/ /ˈmidəp/