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nounplural noun meg, plural noun megs

short for megabyte
‘Meanwhile, as is mentioned in the article, the ‘reward’ for this particular contest is 500 megs of online storage space - which a hacker could pretty easily claim on any machine he or she broke into.’
  • ‘The downloadable video is 12 minutes in length and consists of 2 separate files: 4.8 meg and 3.4 meg, respectively.’
  • ‘I would post my best results for download with this review, but I doubt you'd want to wait for all 200 megs of it.’
  • ‘The game needs about 400 megs of space (if you opt for the maximum installation).’
  • ‘I just copied a few hundred megs of backup data, and it was complete in under two minutes.’



/meɡ/ /mɛɡ/