Definition of megalopolis in English:



  • A very large, heavily populated city or urban complex.

    ‘a dizzying megalopolis ablaze with neon’
    • ‘The Harrisons argue that these strips of green would contribute to natural purification of air and water, while warding off a future in which central Holland is transformed, largely thanks to suburbanization, into a megalopolis.’
    • ‘Dhaka, founded by the Mughals in 1608, is the sprawling capital city and is fast turning into a megalopolis of over nine million people.’
    • ‘By the 1960s, urban sprawl had created enormous megalopolises.’
    • ‘The recent efforts of cities to strengthen their competitive position as hubs of the megalopolis are paying off.’
    • ‘In fact, the city is more of an international megalopolis along the lines of New York, than the mere capital of England.’
    • ‘The action is set in a suburb outside East London when the city has grown into a megalopolis of 30 miles in radius.’
    • ‘The downside of this influx to the great megalopolis was the rise of the urban slum.’
    • ‘These megalopolises have swelled with 100 million new residents since the mid-1970s.’
    • ‘Pointedly punctuating the film are aerial shots of the megalopolis rendered abstract by its immense repetitiveness.’
    • ‘Seoul today is a megalopolis of more than 10 million.’
    • ‘It is easy to construct parking bays out of perforated, prefabricated paving elements filled with grass, so that the entire parking network throughout a megalopolis could be transformed into a landscape.’
    • ‘But the Los Angeles of 2000 is much more: the megalopolis of California, which itself has emerged since 1960 as by far the nation's most populous state.’
    • ‘Business travelers vie to escape the megalopolis on weekends, leaving behind the pollution, traffic, street crime, and crush of its 16 million inhabitants.’
    • ‘High-end properties in the Chinese megalopolis have shot up 20% during the past three months alone.’
    • ‘Anyone wishing to understand Japan must sooner or later come to grips with the astounding megalopolis that is modern Tokyo.’
    • ‘Needless to say that it was not quite easy for a young and unknown artist in a megalopolis like Paris.’
    • ‘Due to the constant earthquakes, this megalopolis does not and cannot have a good public transportation system in the form of subways to diffuse the load on its roads.’
    • ‘For me growing up in the border regions of the United States, the San Diego / Tijuana general megalopolis, code-switching and speaking in two languages is something that millions of people do.’
    • ‘Satellite photos illustrate the same reality: the entire stretch of coast from Abidjan eastward to Lagos in Nigeria is one burgeoning megalopolis.’
    • ‘This sprawling megalopolis of more than twenty million continues to increase in size and population every year.’
    urban area, conurbation, municipality, borough, township, settlement



/ˌmeɡəˈläpələs/ /ˌmɛɡəˈlɑpələs/


Mid 19th century from megalo-‘great’ + Greek polis ‘city’.