Definition of megalosaur in English:


(also megalosaurus)

Pronunciation /ˈmeɡələˌsôr/ /ˈmɛɡələˌsɔr/


  • A large carnivorous bipedal dinosaur of the mid Jurassic period, whose remains have been found only in England and France.

    Genus Megalosaurus, suborder Theropoda, order Saurischia; the first dinosaur to be described and named (1824)

    ‘The discovery of the megalosaurus near Minchinhampton happened years before the word ‘dinosaur’ had even been coined.’
    • ‘Clearly the megalosaurus in the opening passage of Bleak House is a flight of hyperbolic fancy (inspired, I would guess, by the papier-mâché dinosaurs constructed for the Crystal Palace Exhibition, a couple of years earlier).’
    • ‘'Iguanodons grew to five metres tall, while megalosauruses grew even taller, to eight metres,’ she said.’


Modern Latin, from megalo-‘great’ + Greek sauros ‘lizard’.