Definition of Meistersinger in English:


nounMeistersinger, Meistersingers

  • A member of one of the guilds of German lyric poets and musicians which flourished from the 12th to 17th century, known for their elaborate technique.

    • ‘The song contest in Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg probably reflects the existence of a similar tradition among the German Meistersinger.’
    • ‘It's a stately reading, full of ceremony and pageantry, like the Meistersinger overture, which Mahler suggested should be programmed in concert before his Seventh, to give the audience a foretaste of where they would wind up.’
    • ‘Durer's own poetry is, Professor Price tells us, in a populist idiom, comparable to that of Hans Sachs, the Meistersinger, but, at its best, it is by no means negligible.’
    • ‘The Meistersingers from Tokyo Conductor Masaaki Suzuki and his Japanese Bach Collegium left audiences speechless in a recent tour of Germany.’
    • ‘James Levine does not plumb the score's expressive depths with the intellectual insight and expressive wisdom of the great Meistersinger conductors of the past, but I suppose that is my problem.’


German, from Meister ‘master’ + Singer ‘singer’.