Definition of melancholiac in English:


Pronunciation /mɛlənˈkəʊlɪak/ /mɛlənˈkɒlɪak/


  • A person suffering from melancholia or depression.

    ‘Ovid's portrayal of Sappho as a desolate melancholiac’
    • ‘He argues that the melancholiac's self-loathing disguises a hostility towards the lost, beloved object, indicating an underlying ambivalence towards it.’
    • ‘Do these films transform us into male melancholiacs, or are we merely passive spectators?’
    • ‘I would argue that Max is a secret melancholiac: he cannot commence mourning because he has not acknowledged that he lost something in the crash.’
    • ‘Provided they see and think, even melancholiacs cannot fail to be uplifted by the document.’
    • ‘The city was inhabited by tall spare melancholiacsM/em> dressed in grey wool.’
    killjoy, dog in the manger, damper, dampener, spoilsport, pessimist, prophet of doom, complainer, moaner, mope


  • Relating to or suffering from melancholia or depression.

    ‘another melancholiac drummer turned songwriter’
    • ‘The ranks of mannerist musicians furnish numerous instances of melancholiac and eccentric artists.’
    • ‘The narrative returns to human losses and the melancholiac recapitulations of grief.’
    • ‘Did Mr. Follett strike you as a melancholiac type?’
    • ‘The planet Saturn is connected to the melancholiac personality.’
    • ‘At first the patients are irritable; later, depression of the melancholiac type dominates the clinical picture.’



/mɛlənˈkəʊlɪak/ /mɛlənˈkɒlɪak/