Definition of melanic in English:


Pronunciation /məˈlanik/



See melanism

‘There may still be very good mechanistic reasons why melanic plumage color reveals individual quality in European barn swallows, but they should have nothing to do with carotenoid signaling.’
  • ‘We suggest that, in addition to its other functions, an important selective advantage of melanic plumage is its resistance to degradation by bacteria that are part of every bird's environment.’
  • ‘The majority of studies on melanin ornaments cited in Table 1 measured only the size of discrete patches of melanic feathers.’
  • ‘By the time the George Reserve was revisited in 1994 and 1995, the percentage of melanic specimens had dropped to 18.3%.’
  • ‘That's a golden cat skin, and that looks like a clouded leopard skin with a very unusual melanic coat variation.’