Definition of melilot in English:



  • A fragrant herbaceous plant of the pea family, native to Eurasia and north Africa, now widespread and sometimes grown as forage or green manure.

    Also called sweet clover

    Genus Melilotus, family Leguminosae: several species, especially the white sweet clover (M. alba)

    ‘The Chinese use yellow melilot medicinally, use it in cosmetics, and burn it as an incense.’
    • ‘There are 25 species of clovers and trefoils (Trifolium spp.), eight species of medic and alfalfa (Medicago spp.), and three species of melilots.’
    • ‘Other fodder plants introduced from Europe include the yellow or white melilots,, which may be seen in mid to late summer on the Sawston by-pass, and a larger form of Bird's foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus ssp.var. sativa) which often grows nearly a metre high on the South Down.’



/ˈmeləˌlät/ /ˈmɛləˌlɑt/


Middle English from Old French, via Latin from Greek melilōtos ‘honey lotus’.