Definition of melodramatically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmelədrəˈmadək(ə)lē/ /ˌmɛlədrəˈmædək(ə)li/

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‘‘It's all in the mood,’ argues Greenhorn, adding melodramatically, ‘like a dark cloud of uncertainty above everything.’’
  • ‘The former candidate to be chief prosecutor melodramatically explained how in 1996-1997 the banking system collapsed, and he had searched for a safe place for his money.’
  • ‘‘Oh dear; look what you've done; you've broken it,’ exclaimed Nick melodramatically, fetching it back.’
  • ‘Louis de Bernières had a go at critics at his book festival event, saying, rather melodramatically, that ‘they’ had turned against him.’
  • ‘After a whole two minutes of this, he falls melodramatically to the ground, and pardons everybody in exquisite lyrical singing.’