Definition of Member of Parliament in English:

Member of Parliament

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  • A person formally elected to the UK national legislative body or other similar legislature elsewhere.

    ‘he served as a Conservative Member of Parliament for many years’
    • ‘He set himself a task: become a Member of Parliament by the end of the 1960s.’
    • ‘In response to popular pressure, Members of Parliament from all political parties began to support the campaign.’
    • ‘The President concluded by stating that to be a Member of Parliament is a full-time job.’
    • ‘He is a Member of Parliament, an academic who has forsworn Oxford in the hope that he will become an Education Minister.’
    • ‘Members of Parliament are busy drafting new legislation.’
    • ‘From 1970 until 1974 he was Member of Parliament for Bolton West.’
    • ‘An initial bill was withdrawn when opposition Members of Parliament shot it down, citing lack of serious consultations.’
    • ‘As guest speaker, the Arts Minister made one of her last public speeches as a Member of Parliament.’
    • ‘Switzerland's marginalization underscores its relative economic decline, says Christen, a Member of Parliament and head of the New Swiss European Movement.’
    • ‘The group had planned to appeal to Members of Parliament to pass five bills which aim to protect women and children from violence and social inequalities.’
    • ‘The Members of Parliament are elected by universal suffrage from 20 provinces and 89 districts.’