Definition of memo in English:



  • A memorandum.

    • ‘An unnamed official was so alarmed by the draft that he wrote a highly unusual memo of protest.’
    • ‘He wrote a memo to his subordinate ordering a full and immediate investigation.’
    • ‘Please write a short memo advising the Senator whether she should vote for the law.’
    • ‘She wrote a memo, just words on a page, that would bring the entire company to its knees.’
    • ‘Most Senate and House memos are written on letterhead that show whose office they came from.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Nothing's been written down in memos, but they have a track record of it.’’
    • ‘I don't think this memo adequately considers all of the other sides to the argument.’
    • ‘There is quite a bit that I disagree with in that memo and specifically in that paragraph.’
    • ‘He said, if he wanted this memo published, he would have issued a press release about it.’
    • ‘In this memo, Stokowski makes several suggestions on how to improve the sound of the discs.’
    • ‘In that memo, we also made an important recommendation that appeared a bit extreme at the time.’
    • ‘I typed a politely worded memo to his physicians, giving a bit of advice on how to care for him.’
    • ‘Earlier today we noted a new actuarial memo put out by the Social Security administration.’
    • ‘Many of them enroll in this class expecting it to focus entirely on how to write a good resume and effective memos.’
    • ‘But a particular sentence in that memo was taken by all as a warning to staff.’
    • ‘His memo may have done some harm to the image of the team and divided its supporters.’
    • ‘There is probably more news shared over a cup of tea than any office memo could ever hope to include.’
    • ‘Perkins looked sunk by that memo from accounts, yet he triumphed!’
    • ‘The addressee and the author of this memo are still active and hold prominent positions in government.’
    • ‘An internal party memo has revealed that 49 senators have agreed to vote in favour of the move.’
    message, communication, note, email, letter, epistle, missive