Definition of memorizer in English:


(British memoriser)


See memorize

  • ‘A memoriser from Malaysia, Dr. Yip Swee Chooi, recently launched this programme titled ‘Amazing Memory’ designed for children aged nine years and above at Ideal Play Abacus India.’
  • ‘Compared with the run-of-the-mill rememberers, exceptional memorizers displayed greater activity in three brain areas linked to spatial memory and navigation.’
  • ‘The best, and most long-lasting memorizations take place when the new information is meaningful and relevant, when the new knowledge builds upon previous knowledge, and is somehow interacted with by the memorizer.’
  • ‘Rather, we found that superior memorisers used a spatial learning strategy, engaging brain regions such as the hippocampus which are critical for memory and for spatial memory in particular.’
  • ‘This is the sort of approach that professional memorisers use, though they often combine it with other techniques, for example, converting digits into letters which they then turn into words.’