Definition of memory card in English:

memory card

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  • A small, flat flash drive used especially in digital cameras and mobile phones.

    ‘Smart Album is useful tool which allows users to easily search for a specific image they have saved on their memory card.’
    • ‘There is no way to get images off the device except by saving to memory card, or sending them to Flickr.’
    • ‘The phone can store up to 1,000 tracks on an optional 2 GB memory card.’
    • ‘Storage will show the type of memory card used.’
    • ‘No matter what the department buys, budget for a bigger memory card.’
    • ‘Finally, make sure you save enough money in your budget for a high capacity memory card.’
    • ‘The battery in the camera only lasts five shots, you need to buy a bigger memory card, etc.’
    • ‘Finally on the backside of the player there is a slot for flash memory cards.’
    • ‘Retailers are rushing to outfit their one-hour photo labs with equipment to read the images from your digital camera's memory card.’
    • ‘Music can also be copied from the computer into the memory card of the device, he added.’
    • ‘You can use Bluetooth, infrared or insert your memory card into the appropriate slots.’
    • ‘I would appreciate an explanation on why the memory cards start giving check sum messages.’
    • ‘Don't forget to retrieve your memory card from the machine.’
    • ‘Eventually he let me go, thankfully without insisting I forfeit my memory card or grovel at his feet or sign a written apology.’
    • ‘My 4 gigabyte flash memory card has already arrived.’
    • ‘Cameras are often supplied with a low capacity memory card, which will hold few good quality pictures.’
    • ‘You can produce prints at your leisure without taking memory cards to the local photo finisher or placing an order online.’
    • ‘Along the way electronic memory cards were lost in Cuyahoga County.’
    • ‘The only con is you need a large memory card to make long movies.’
    • ‘Imagine a future where the memory card in your camera is backed up to a storage service provider.’