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men in black

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  • Anonymous dark-clothed men who supposedly visit people who have reported an encounter with a UFO or an alien in order to prevent their publicizing it.

    • ‘Thousand of everyday people worldwide have had experiences with men in black after witnessing UFO related events since the beginning of history.’
    • ‘Men in black usually travel in groups of three. However, groups of four, two and one have been reported.’
    • ‘A professor of humanities and folklore at New York's Julliard School didn't tell anybody about his encounter with the Men in Black for years -- for fear of how people would react.’
    • ‘The modern era of men in black goes back to at least the early 1950s when a man allegedly saw a UFO in Bridgeport, Conn., and was later frightened by a visitation from three men in black.’


men in black

/ˌmen in ˈblak/ /ˌmɛn ɪn ˈblæk/