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  • Things to be repaired by sewing or darning.

    ‘a muddle of books and mending’
    • ‘She glared at Glint, who was crossing the deck with an armload of mending, causing the semi-innocent lass to hurry off guiltily.’
    • ‘She was torn between seeing what Scott was up to and getting caught up on her mending, which had piled up during the frenzied preparations for the fair.’
    • ‘‘Once a week they had Troops Day when they could bring their mending,’ she says.’
    • ‘Now baffled, she walked back towards the table and sat, resuming her mending without another word to him.’
    • ‘Burginde was alone, sitting on her stool over some mending.’
    • ‘If someone didn't want to bring their mending to us, there were two ladies Mrs. J. and Mrs. S. who ‘sewed for the public.’’
    • ‘I would so rather pay someone to (for example) finish all the mending in my sewing pile than worry about never ticking it off my list!’
    • ‘I was growing up to learn that sitting stretched out on a bed with somebody else's mending was really for people who have no ambition and no plans.’
    • ‘Wednesday I stayed inside entirely and did some mending which had been waiting for me for a while.’
    • ‘Her mother looked up as if startled, then shook her head and returned her attention back to her mending.’
    • ‘Elli trounced out, and Melida called after her, ‘Don't forget the mending!’’
    resolution, settlement, rectification



/ˈmendiNG/ /ˈmɛndɪŋ/