Definition of meningioma in English:


nounplural noun meningiomas, plural noun meningiomata/-ˈōmətə/

  • A tumor, usually benign, arising from meningeal tissue of the brain.

    ‘Radiosurgery is ideal for treating both benign and malignant tumors such as acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, metastases, and gliomas, as well as blood vessel abnormalities such as arteriovenous malformations.’
    • ‘Again, the neurologic malignancy section is definitive and includes meningiomas, metastatic brain tumors and central nervous system lymphomas, subjects that are often difficult to find in textbooks.’
    • ‘His psychiatrist said yesterday that he had multiple meningiomas or benign tumours adjacent to his brain.’
    • ‘All these tumors were basal benign meningiomas that were amenable to aggressive surgery due to their deep location and/or infiltrating growth pattern.’
    • ‘However, studies have found that progesterone can stimulate growth of meningiomas.’



/məˌninjēˈōmə/ /məˌnɪndʒiˈoʊmə/