Definición de mental cruelty en inglés

mental cruelty

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  • Conduct that makes another person suffer but does not involve physical assault.

    ‘Why would she endure months of alleged mental cruelty if she understood the agreement was only for existing assets something with which she had no problem?’
    • ‘In its ruling the court said the husband's behaviour towards his wife constituted mental cruelty under Indian matrimonial law.’
    • ‘If you said that stuff to a player nowadays he'd be running away getting his agent and getting you sued for mental cruelty.’
    • ‘Make a report to the police - almost every form of physical and sexual abuse is illegal and so are many forms of mental cruelty.’
    • ‘‘You can fight with your family,’ he says, ‘but it's not mental cruelty.’’


mental cruelty

/ˈˌmen(t)l ˈkro͞o(ə)ltē/ /ˈˌmɛn(t)l ˈkru(ə)lti/