Definition of mental hospital in English:

mental hospital


  • An institution where patients with psychiatric disorders live while receiving treatment.

    ‘he will face psychiatric tests to see if he should be held in a secure mental hospital rather than jail’
    • ‘The victim of deteriorating mental health in his later life, he died in a mental hospital.’
    • ‘Unable to control his outbursts of extreme violence, he has spent the past several years in a mental hospital.’
    • ‘Serious deterioration in his mental condition led to his admission to mental hospital, where he died of tuberculosis.’
    • ‘The rest of his life was spent in and out of mental hospitals as his family travelled around Europe.’
    • ‘She was eventually placed in the state mental hospital, and her children were declared wards of the state.’
    • ‘In addition to its clear-eyed look at mental hospital residents as people first, and patients second, the movie also provides a glimpse at the emotionally draining routine of a therapist.’
    • ‘He recently was released from a mental hospital, according to the court filings.’
    • ‘Full moons do not cause more mental hospital admissions, psychiatric disturbances, homicide or other crime.’
    • ‘She was declared insane and spent about 2 years in a mental hospital before she was freed.’
    • ‘She's had a psychotic breakdown, and been committed to a mental hospital.’