Definition of Mercator projection in English:

Mercator projection


  • A projection of a map of the world on to a cylinder in such a way that all the parallels of latitude have the same length as the equator, used especially for marine charts and certain climatological maps.

    • ‘Mercator made many new maps and globes, but his greatest contribution to cartography must be the Mercator projection.’
    • ‘Many people are familiar with the Mercator projection, which maps positions on a globe onto a rectangular grid - enabling a map of the world to fit neatly on an atlas page.’
    • ‘We then interpolated the gravity and topography data onto a 5 km grid using a minimum curvature algorithm and an oblique Mercator projection which minimized distortion.’
    • ‘In the standard Mercator projection, the poles appear not as points but as a straight line.’
    • ‘In map making, the prevalent European Mercator projection system introduces distortions making some areas much bigger and others much smaller.’


Mercator projection

/məːˌkeɪtə prəˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n/