Definition of merch in English:


Pronunciation /mərCH/ /mərtʃ/


  • short for merchandise

    • ‘any merch involving Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, Led Zeppelin, or punk-rock legends moves quickly’
    • ‘as autumn merch creeps into stores, summer sales offer up lunatic bargains’
    • ‘people mobbed the merch stand to buy T-shirts’
    • ‘He'll also be bringing a few copies of his book to sell at the merch table.’
    • ‘In other words, they don't think the company can pay for the merch.’
    • ‘For a marginalized band, these guys were moving merch by the truckload.’
    • ‘Taking a few minutes to recover, the group made their way to the merch area to meet with all the kids one last time.’
    • ‘You'd think people had to make a purchase at the merch booth before being allowed to enter the venue.’
    • ‘Bands earn more money from merch, live shows and sponsorships than from record royalties.’
    • ‘Energy drinks and other licensed merch are also on the table.’
    • ‘We formally invited her to travel with us as our merch person.’
    • ‘We've got a couple of songs on there to download, as well as some merch.’
    • ‘The band then strolled off the stage, leaving the crowd begging for more as they rushed to buy band merch.’
    • ‘Come up to us and say hello, you will find one of us by the merch stall.’
    • ‘The bulk of the market's merch is in better condition than your average sidewalk-sale loot.’
    • ‘Expect to find discounted merch from faves like Greenbaum Clothing, Joaned, and street-sweet newbie Steen Designs.’
    • ‘The proprietor prefers to be on the floor; hustling merch, schmoozing with the clientele and practising the salesmanship he learned 45 years ago.’
    • ‘My wife and I came out of a store in Buffalo with $400 worth of merch—and we'd just stopped in to look at the place!’
    • ‘Both her ready-to-wear merch and her custom orders are now on sale.’
    • ‘Industry observers predicted that Batman Forever merch would be the summer's runaway hit.’


1960s abbreviation.