Definition of merchant account in English:

merchant account


  • A bank account that enables the holder to accept credit cards for payment.

    ‘Often the money is deducted from the merchant account the retailer uses for its credit cards proceeds.’
    • ‘The thing here is that you can sell over the Internet without a credit card merchant account, which for campaign consultants and political committees can be difficult or expensive to obtain.’
    • ‘PayPal (or whomever your merchant account is with) takes your money and deposits it into your account.’
    • ‘These IDs can be obtained from a merchant bank by applying for a merchant account enabled to receive payments by credit card.’
    • ‘While big online sites have no problem with credit-card use, many small and even midsize merchants don't have merchant accounts with credit-card companies because they are so expensive to maintain.’
    • ‘But the alternative - opening a merchant account to process credit-card orders on the Web - was too expensive and risky for the first-time entrepreneur.’
    • ‘If you are taking credit card details over a website, you will need a merchant account with a reputable bank to process the payments.’
    • ‘To do this, you must set up merchant accounts (for example, credit card companies which will enable you to receive payments from your clients by credit card).’
    • ‘The credit cards and merchant accounts that handle the sales guarantee the purchasers privacy and security.’
    • ‘What does a site or a developer typically need to set up a merchant account to process credit cards or checks over the Internet?’
    • ‘He'll report criminal activity to credit-card companies and press them to cut off spammers' merchant accounts.’
    • ‘Some merchant account providers include a payment gateway with their merchant accounts, which simplifies setting up an online store.’
    • ‘‘In all cases, they refused to access our merchant account and do any traces on their end,’ says Johnson.’
    • ‘They opened up a merchant account with $10,000 each, in personal donations.’
    • ‘They have introduced a product to allow businesses to accept credit card transactions on their Web sites using their existing merchant accounts.’
    • ‘I am in the process of moving my company to a better merchant account - so I'm glad they are getting hit.’
    • ‘In order to make the best decisions during this phase of the ecommerce website design, check the fees associated with the merchant account or acquirer.’
    • ‘A little over a year ago they decided to stop offering merchant accounts to dating sites.’
    • ‘With a Web site and a merchant account, a small company like mine can do business in 100 + countries; we've sold reports throughout Europe and Asia without opening offices there.’
    • ‘The defendants used five separate merchant accounts and four fake business names to evade detection.’