Definition of mercilessly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmərsələslē/ /ˈmərsələsli/

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  • In a way that shows no mercy.

    ‘the injured were mercilessly slaughtered’
    • ‘I was teased mercilessly for being chubby’
    • ‘the wind pounded mercilessly on the windows’
    • ‘The deadline of the premiere makes us work mercilessly fast.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, he was a bitter, mean man who often mercilessly abused the people around him.’
    • ‘All the values they have carried around for years are now mercilessly questioned.’
    • ‘The film is unflinchingly, almost mercilessly, clear-eyed in its assessment of emotional transformation.’
    • ‘His story has been mercilessly exploited.’
    • ‘He mercilessly enmeshes us in the overwhelming complexity of his subject.’
    • ‘He loses the leg in a fight because of intervention by the victim, whom he kicked about so mercilessly earlier in the film.’
    • ‘The town's dirty laundry is mercilessly brought out into the open.’
    • ‘If the email is known to be invalid, the reminder is not sent; the entry is simply and mercilessly frozen and removed from the count.’
    • ‘My housemates mercilessly teased me the rest of my stay in Tuscany.’