Definition of mercurially in English:



See mercurial

‘Bracketed first lines serve as titles, hovering over their doubles; mercurially reappearing colons frustrate the stability of conventional grammar.’
  • ‘And the limelight is repeatedly stolen by John Kazek's gloriously brash Bottom and, best of all, Malcolm Shields's mercurially nimble Puck.’
  • ‘Impish arpeggios moved mercurially from darkness to sheer joy in the twinkle of an eye, the entire interpretation capturing the essential scariness of the piece.’
  • ‘His return to Cork may herald a fresh chapter in his mercurially brilliant career, but whatever the outcome, he is not about to give up.’
  • ‘The mercurially talented Cantona was much travelled before United's call but he quickly settled in the north-west, forging a relationship of mutual respect with his team-mates and manager.’
  • ‘He was fairly short, a trifle rotund, with dark penetrating eyes that had a way of roving mercurially over objects under surveillance.’
  • ‘She sits a sizable distance away from him, grinning mercurially.’
  • ‘Pardon the overstatement - but then, as this mercurially majestic album proves, hyperbole is the new subtlety.’
  • ‘Jim has been mercurially inconsistent, and Robert is injury-prone.’