Definition of mercury switch in English:

mercury switch


  • An electric switch in which the circuit is made by mercury flowing into a gap when the device tilts.

    ‘They insisted that it was fitted outside the MP's flat in Westminster Gardens, but only exploded hours later because its detonation was controlled by a combination of a timer and a mercury tilt switch.’
    • ‘Representative of the prior art are the mercury tilt switches disclosed in U.S. Patents.’
    • ‘All that is required is a mercury tilt switch worn on a headband, which is attached to a quarter inch phone plug at the other end of a 5 or 6 foot wire.’
    • ‘If the pitcher is tilted more than 90 degrees, a mercury tilt switch triggers an infrared emitter to emit a pulse at the correct frequency.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most common of these switches is the mercury tilt switch which uses a globule of mercury in a sealed vial to conductively bridge two contacts.’
    • ‘Because of mercury's fluid properties, mercury tilt switches are used in many vehicles to turn on the lighting assemblies as trunk and hood doors are opened.’
    • ‘No power is required for operation and, unlike other types and brands, the Models TC3X and TC1 do not use mercury tilt switches for actuation.’
    • ‘To reduce our contribution of mercury to the environment, avoid purchasing mercury-added products such as fever thermometers, thermostats and mercury tilt switches.’
    • ‘About 3 grams of mercury is in each mercury tilt switch, and thermostats commonly require 2-6 mercury tilt switches each.’
    • ‘Tiny tilt switch type BT411-2 has a built in rolling ball (instead of mercury) so it doesn't have the environmental health hazards that mercury tilt switches have.’
    • ‘Purchase septic tank and sump pumps that contain magnetic dry reed switches, optic sensors or mechanical switches instead of mercury tilt switches;’
    • ‘The term includes mercury float switches actuated by rising or falling liquid levels, mercury tilt switches actuated by a change in the switch position, mercury pressure switches actuated by a change in pressure, mercury temperature switches actuated by a change in temperature, and mercury flame sensors.’
    • ‘Years ago I bought a bunch of mercury tilt switches and installed them into the handle of a joystick.’
    • ‘A mercury tilt switch, for example, can have anywhere from 50 milligrams to nearly 5 grams of mercury, while an individual float switch may contain anywhere from 100 milligrams to 67 grams of mercury.’