Definition of merrily in English:



  • 1In a cheerful way.

    ‘he threw back his head and laughed merrily’
    • ‘she laughs merrily, seemingly delighted by this little piece of knowledge.’
    • ‘As only she could, Violet had noticed how Althia's reading of them irked him and gleefully added more salt to the wound by laughing merrily whenever she spoke.’
    • ‘As Nicholas and Colette gaily threw horseshoes, laughing merrily and cheering the other on, Caroline stood at the back.’
    • ‘The girls, delighted by their little play, laughed merrily and forgot about the gossip.’
    • ‘But I did laugh very merrily when the reception manager made his way around the courtyard diners, rigged up in full Father Christmas gear and gumboots five sizes too big.’
    • ‘I was laughing merrily at his wee jokes and all was good.’
    • ‘Interspersed Labyrinth snippets with an episode of Safran vs. God and laughed merrily.’
    • ‘On the other hand, my co-worker read it and responded by laughing quite merrily.’
    • ‘‘Oh, you'll get used to it eventually,’ she said laughing merrily.’
    • ‘He laughs merrily, but Sir Terence cuts him off: ‘You have to do it like this.’
    • ‘‘Perfect’ she said and they started laughing merrily once more.’
    • ‘The twitchy bandit was still vomiting back up that herbal drink he had been giving, and Sam patted the ex-gas station attendant on the back hard as he passed, laughing merrily.’
    • ‘Placing one arm akimbo, he laughed merrily, almost obnoxiously, and his father joined him with that deep jeering guffaw Wilfred loathed so desperately.’
    • ‘The figure laughed merrily and said, ‘You don't have to tell me twice.’’
    • ‘But now, she laughed merrily and looked to her friend.’
    • ‘They laugh merrily, although the joke has a practiced feel, as if it had been trotted out regularly to mute the painful reality of Graves's current situation.’
    • ‘Shelworth didn't answer as Landings laughed, merrily.’
    • ‘She laughed, merrily taking his hand in her own.’
    • ‘He had pretended to lean out too far and pin wheeled his arms in order to keep balance, laughing merrily after Amaranth had quickly grabbed his waist from behind to keep him up.’
    • ‘Both were laughing merrily at some unseen happenstance.’
    contentedly, merrily, delightedly, joyfully, gaily, cheerfully, cheerily, agreeably, blithely, light-heartedly, gleefully, blissfully, with pleasure, to one's heart's content
    1. 1.1In a brisk and lively way.
      ‘a fire burned merrily in the hearth’
      • ‘In six week's time, all the decorations will be burning merrily on a fire taken down, and the shops will be full of sales, Valentine's Day cards, and Easter Eggs.’
      • ‘By the time it got dark we'd set ourselves up in siege mode, sitting round the living-room gas fire, candles burning merrily, and listening to the radio.’
      • ‘Incredibly, however, many on the council still refused to admit that the whole problem was the hundred acre coal fire merrily burning beneath the town.’
      • ‘The fire was burning merrily in a grand wooden fireplace.’
      • ‘The only light came from, of all things, a fire burning merrily in the grate.’
      • ‘The fire was merrily burning in the stone fireplace, the mantle draped in pine boughs and ribbon.’
      • ‘A fire burned merrily in the hole, crackling brightly with orange and yellow flames.’
      • ‘A fire burned merrily in the little grate, below a shelf of yellowing pictures, portraits, landscapes.’
      • ‘The low, irregular ceiling is crisscrossed with beams made from ships' timbers and a log fire crackles merrily in the hearth.’
      • ‘A small fire crackled merrily on the hearth over which a kettle hung.’
      • ‘Finally a cottage came into view, it's hearth fire smoked merrily into the star filled sky.’
      • ‘Shin-to fed the fire, and soon it burned merrily, sending an aura of warmth to those around it.’
      • ‘There are circular tables, in the center, candles in the center, burning merrily away, heedless of the storm and winds that buffet this building.’
      • ‘‘Perhaps it is from that fire,’ I said, indicating the fireplace, where a strong fire was cackling merrily away.’
      • ‘A number of lawn chairs and a canopied swing were encircled around a large, self-dug fire pit, in which a small orange fire was crackling merrily in the afternoon sun.’
      • ‘The fire snapped merrily, lighting the dark ground.’
      • ‘A small fire cackled merrily in the marble fireplace.’
      • ‘Jian stared into the fire, crackling merrily at him.’
      • ‘It was then that Trinity found herself sitting next to Ex on the couch, the merrily burning fire casting shades of golden light around the room.’
      • ‘But everything was unpacked and a fire was merrily crackling, and the smell of the meat cooking set his mouth watering.’
  • 2Without consideration for the consequences.

    ‘marketers have been merrily debasing our language with non-words like ‘infotainment’’
    • ‘No-man's time, we landed in, missing both event and consequence, simply trailing merrily down the steps at eight o'clock on a balmy summer morning.’
    • ‘We're supposed to hear these questions and nod sagely and smugly, concurring that of course the answer to each of these dumb questions is no - and then trot out merrily and buy a car.’
    • ‘Meaning that staff in two thirds of the local eating establishments are merrily skipping back from their toilet breaks without washing their hands, then picking up handfuls of ice and dropping it into my Bacardi and cokes.’
    • ‘His lawyers claim the club has played host to the likes of the King of Sweden, who spent two hours merrily watching strippers in one of the club's private rooms - a claim denied by Sweden's royals.’
    • ‘Then they merrily voted on the sunset clause, and threw out the government's plan - passionately promoted by the prime minister a week ago - by a vast 297 votes to 110.’
    • ‘The young Marquis spent most of his youth with his merrily libertine uncle, Abbe de Sade, whose bordello business basically set the norm for the family.’
    • ‘The brick wall is approaching, and they merrily say things to mislead the Bahamian public.’
    • ‘People covered the streets, merrily strolling along, pretending nothing had happened at the local pub just minutes earlier.’
    • ‘For now, it is fascinating to observe a market that is merrily accommodative to the leveraged financial players.’