Definition of merry andrew in English:

merry andrew

Pronunciation /ˌmerē ˈandro͞o/ /ˌmɛri ˈændru/


  • A person who entertains others by means of comic antics; a clown.

    ‘This is similar to the definition of a ‘Jester’ who is also known as a ‘buffoon, or a merry andrew.’’
    • ‘In a word, he looked exactly like the ape dressed in the habit of a merry andrew, except that he had no hair.’
    • ‘Also in February, and with equal gravitas, the clowns of London meet annually at the Holy Trinity church in Dalston to put flowers on the memorial for the doyen of merry andrews, the great Grimaldi.’
    • ‘Endorsed by jester, clowns, and merry andrews all over the world!’
    humorist, comedian, comedienne, comic, funny man, funny woman, wag, wit, jester