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‘Intrepid merrymakers from across Kerry recently jetted off to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime that seemed to combine the very best elements of festive fairytales, seasonal songs and Christmas movies.’
  • ‘There have been times, at social functions and over drinks, when the Professor has advanced this view, and Scott's post brings the memory of fellow merrymakers ' reactions into focus.’
  • ‘Yes, he would have been appalled by Costa's coppers and their sniffing dogs waylaying merrymakers in Taylor Square, but his outrage would not have stopped there.’
  • ‘This is beamed particularly at the over 25 age group and merrymakers should dress as the favourite infamous gangsters and molls from the movies.’
  • ‘We were sorry it was not a clearer or a warmer night for this trip - the only eventful part was the Christmas cheer of the non-climbing merrymakers.’



/ˈmerēˌmākər/ /ˈmɛriˌmeɪkər/