Definition of mesencephalic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌensəˈfalik/



See mesencephalon

‘Two non-sensory control regions were examined, the optic tectum and the mesencephalic tegmentum.’
  • ‘The root fibers arising from the trochlear nuclei form a decussation dorsal to the mesencephalic aqueduct, and they are the only cranial nerves that cross completely and that leave the dorsal aspect of the brain stem.’
  • ‘The principal mesencephalic projection to the striatum originates from the substantia nigra pars compacta.’
  • ‘By contrast, reduced activation in the mesencephalic brainstem and the thalamus was noted to be exclusively associated with mental relaxation.’
  • ‘The red nucleus has been cleaned so that its larger, spherical mesencephalic part can be distinguished from the more rostral, ovoid diencephalic part.’