Definition of mesentery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmezənterē/ /ˈmɛzəntɛri/


  • A fold of the peritoneum which attaches the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, spleen, and other organs to the posterior wall of the abdomen.

    ‘For these studies, an incision was made in the abdomen, and the mesentery and small intestine were exteriorized.’
    • ‘They may occur in the mesentery of the small intestine, the wall of the duodenum, the upper part of the jejunum, or more rarely, in the wall of the stomach, ileum, gallbladder, or spleen.’
    • ‘Coffee specifically draws toxins from the liver through the mesentery of the small intestine.’
    • ‘Their mesentery contains ileal arteries and veins, which are also branches of the superior mesenteric artery.’
    • ‘The proximal portion of the large intestine, as far as the left part of the transverse colon, may remain attached, along with the jejunoileum, to the posterior abdominal wall by a common mesentery.’
    • ‘Ileal carcinoids tend to grow through the bowel wall and invade the mesentery where they produce a desmoplastic reaction leading to fibrosis and small bowel obstruction.’
    • ‘Used in surgical procedures, the material reinforces staple lines on the lung, stomach, and bowel or mesentery in tissue transections or resections.’
    • ‘Therefore, omentum, mesentery, and lung tissues from 20 individuals in whom mesothelioma was diagnosed were analyzed for asbestos bodies and asbestos fibers.’
    • ‘Findings included a large right renal tumor mass adherent to the inferior portion of the liver and invading the renal vein with metastatic spread to the colonic mesentery and regional lymph nodes.’
    • ‘At autopsy, the jejunum revealed multiple blue-black areas in the bowel wall and mesentery.’
    • ‘An exploratory laparotomy revealed large amounts of free air and purulent fluid in the peritoneal cavity, a liver with multiple large masses, and multiple tumor nodules in the small intestinal wall and in the mesentery.’
    • ‘From the right crus, a slip may extend in the suspensory ligament of Treitz to the back of the duodenum near the duodenojejunal junction, with an extension to the mesentery along blood vessels.’
    • ‘The surgeon dissects the distal sigmoid colon from the mesentery and ligates the inferior mesenteric vessels without disturbing the presacral sympathetic plexus.’
    • ‘The nature of the solid tumors varied from numerous small nodules spreading throughout the mesentery and peritoneal lining to a single, large mass.’
    • ‘What you feel is the indurated mesentery or the adherent bowel.’
    • ‘There was spiraling of the bowel around the midgut mesentery and the midgut was dusky in color.’
    • ‘Two case reports exist in the literature describing extra-adrenal paragangliomas in the posterior mesentery.’
    • ‘Deep vein thrombosis typically occurs in the leg, but veins in the arms, retina, mesentery, and cerebral sinus may also be affected.’
    • ‘The small bowel showed 5 atretic lesions of the jejunum and absence of the dorsal mesentery.’
    • ‘Amosite was found in all three sites (lung, mesentery, and omentum) in 11 cases.’


Late Middle English via medieval Latin from Greek mesenterion, from mesos ‘middle’ + enteron ‘intestine’.