Definition of meshugaas in English:



informal North American
  • Mad or idiotic ideas or behavior.

    • ‘there's method in this man's meshugaas’
    • ‘And while it has thus far been unable to realize a minor profit, at least it has each week conjured the meshugaas of Damian and of Kalvos.’
    • ‘My only excuse is that amidst all the meshugaas going on on Wednesday, particularly the fact I was so hung over, I simply made a mistake.’
    • ‘The one in Iraq may still read like a success story to a handful of Likudo-fascists, but looks like a stinking meshugaas to the rest of the planet.’
    • ‘But what about the reporter whose research started the whole impeachment meshugaas of 1998 when the gossip maven broke details of the investigation in his online column?’
    • ‘Having skipped the election meshugaas, except as a spectator, I thought I was in for a calm year of commentary.’
    • ‘They learned that they did not need to be entertained by man-made meshugaas.’
    insanity, insaneness, dementia, mental illness, derangement, dementedness, instability, unsoundness of mind, lunacy, distraction, depression, mania, hysteria, frenzy, psychosis, psychopathy, schizophrenia, hydrophobia



/məSHo͝oɡˈäs/ /məʃʊɡˈɑs/


Early 20th century Yiddish, noun from meshuga.