Definition of meshuggana in English:


(also meshuggener, meshugenah)

Pronunciation /məˈSHo͝oɡənə/ /məˈʃʊɡənə/


informal North American
  • A mad or idiotic person.

    • ‘they thought he was a meshuggena, and they locked him in his room’
    • ‘The key to understanding the meshuggana, is that he requires an emotional response from those he dislikes.’
    • ‘If you see me walking down the street waving my hands around and swaying like a meshuggana, I'm just conducting the orchestra to music I hear in my head.’
    • ‘For the overwhelmingly Italian audience phrases such as ‘world-class meshuggana’ probably lost something in translation.’


Early 20th century (as an adjective): variant of meshuga.