Definition of mesmerization in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmezmərəˈzāSHən/


(also British mesmerisation)

See mesmerize

‘From the very onset, the readers of this book get the chilling mesmerization of poet's intricate balancing of imagination and crude reality with which he weaves the thoughts in these poems.’
  • ‘Several recently published studies conclude that supermarkets are geared to lull the average shopper into a trancelike state and that this glassy-eyed mesmerization makes the customer purchase more goods.’
  • ‘My awestruck mesmerization of the view was broken by his words, and I looked up to see Gabriel standing there looking extremely uncomfortable.’
  • ‘My eyes widened in shock, my body frozen in mesmerization.’
  • ‘After all, that girl was nothing, she wasn't even beautiful, apart from the large bright eyes that seemed to stare straight at you and hold you on the spot in complete mesmerisation…’